Ciardha MBS
Ciardha, original known as “Candace Flynn” is the main antagonist from the MoBrosStudios film: YouTube Poop: Candace Opens an Interdimensional Portal.

History Edit

When Candace Flynn got a cursed copy of "The Wizard of Oz" that her mother wanted her to read, she initially refused to do so because she believed it was for gays. She did start reading, however, when her mother said she could also wipe down her dad's conkers as an alternative.

After some reading, the book's dark magic took hold of her, and transformed her into the monstrous Ciardha.

Using her new power, Ciardha unleashed various memes upon the world, including the Mario Head and an army of Falcon-Punch-launching Blue Falcons with every intent of destroying the world.

She then attacked on the YouTube Poop convention that the RED Team was attending. The mercenaries fought Ciardha, who managed to outmatch them with her dark magic until the Scout, dressed as Ducky Momo, saved his allies from being destroyed. Candace, upon witnessing the supposed "death" of her beloved Ducky Momo at Ciardha's hands, reemerged, weakening the monster's power along with that of all the memes.

Upon her defeat, Ciardha exploded. Candace survived, having been released from the dark magic.

Characteristics Edit

Ciardha is best described as a blue-gray-skinned, red-eyed entity with Giygas-esque hair, a robotic crab claw for a left hand, a power glove for the right, purple clothes, and hover devices instead of legs.

Type: 8999

Weaknesses: Electro-zapper or other high-voltage weapons, Candace's mind

Abilities: Everything. Literally everything. Most notably: Summon Internet memes all over Youtube Poop Land, super speed, eye lasers, teleportation, can use her claw to launch FAL-PUN-34 rockets, can use her power glove to make an energy field, can spit out a troll that can make anyone cry and also use "photo bombs", can use her glove as a fist, can turn her claw into a circular saw, paralyzation, and petrification.

Trivia Edit

  • When speaking, Ciardha uses dialogue from the Magician boss from the video game, The House of the Dead. Her theme during her fight is also notably the boss theme for said boss.