Skellington's Revenge Edit

Eddy makes a brief appearence at the start of the video as one of the many framed photos that fly about on the screen.He then makes his official appearence with Ed and Double-D when spongebob asks what they would like for christmas, and they asked for "a new youtube poop".

eddy is later scene standing by the coral tree not singing along unlike double-d and everyone else.

when spongebob is about to fire the last letter eddy along with double-d, ed, fluttershy, patrick, heavy, spy, medic, scout and soldier are all excited and ready to launch it. 

later Jack Skellington arivies and sends everyone including him and the other Eds to another dimension. there jack summons the hiver to destroy them. Eddy is almost killed as he is nearly struck by lightning during the summoning. In fear eddy and double-d run away to the gingerbread village located there .while exploring, they find out the place is inhabited by zombie gingerbread men. as they reach the edge of the village they are greeted by a demon nutcracker, to which eddy states "Its like a nightmare before christmas double-d". they are saved by Spy as he shoots several zombies down, eddy wanting to leave this place panics as double-d mentions they cannot go home unless they have an "inter dimensional portal", which means they are stranded here. the hiver suddenly appears behind them and breathes fire on Spy, Double-d, Eddy killing all three of them before being devoured.

after Jack has a change of heart he frees all the souls including his and the edds which imobilze the hiver in order to destroy it.

on christmas day mobrosstudios appears being glad to be home. and a picture is taken of the main cast including Eddy.