Jack Skellington
Jack Skellington


The Nightmare Before Christmas


Skellington's Revenge


Black Hiver (Formley), Zero


Black Hiver (When Jack is Become Good)


Prior to the events of Skellington's Revenge, Jack had to put up with the fact that his Halloween Specials kept getting cancelled, even though he and his fellow Halloween Town denizens put much effort into them. As a result, Jack decides to do whatever it takes to get his work appreciated by the world.


Powers, Abilities and SkillsEdit


Skellington's RevengeEdit

After another year in which Halloween is cancelled, Jack discovers a poster for the upcoming SpongeBob Squarepants Christmas special by MoBrosStudios. From this, he decides to take over the holiday special to fulfill his wish of being recognized.

To achieve his goal, he recruits most of the town to complete various tasks, including playing music and making crack among other things. Over time, however, his friends start to abandon him as he gets more and more obsessed with conquering Christmas, and he is forced to recruit the demonic monster known as the Black Hiver to help him conquer Christmas. Fortunately for the worlds, however, Jack is able to turn things around when he learns from SpongeBob that they could share a holiday special if he promises to set him and his friends free and promise not to hurt anyone else. At this point, he realizes that his friends were right to call him an ass, and that the Hiver's true intentions were never just to simply help him conquer Christmas, but also to take over Halloween. And before it's too late, Jack undoes his mistake by reciting the summoning spell in reverse, killing the Hiver once and for all and sending SpongeBob and friends back to their own world.

Once all is said and done, he and Santa set things straight as they fly above Bikini Bottom, wishing the denizens of the underwater city a merry Christmas and a happy Halloween.


  • When apologizing for ruining the Christmas Special, he calls SpongeBob "Mr. Pants."